Morning sickness - what are my options?

May 31, 2015 - 8:23pm

Morning sickness - what are my options?

Early weeks of pregnancy may be perceived as a blooming period for a woman. The reality: a large proportion of women in the first trimester will suffer from an unpleasant sign of pregnancy – morning sickness.


Why does it happen?

Morning sickness is nausea and vomiting in pregnancy that frequently occurs in the morning, but may also continue during the day. In most cases, the baby is not affected unless symptoms are severe and persistent.

Although not a pleasant symptom, morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy. The exact mechanism is unknown, but it is thought to be caused by a rapid rise of pregnancy hormones: human Chorionic Gonadorophin (hCG) and oestrogen.


What are some of the dietary and lifestyle measures I could try?


1) Keep hydrated:

- Aim to drink at least 2L of fluids per day in small amounts throughout the day. Dehydration can make nausea and vomiting worse.

- Try fluids other than water. Options may include: flat lemonade, diluted fruit juice, weak tea, clear soup, electrolyte replacement drink.

- Try chilled drinks or sucking on icy poles. - Ginger may help with nausea. Try making ginger tea: soak few slices of ginger in boiling water for five minutes.

- Ginger may help with nausea. Try making ginger tea: soak few slices of ginger in boiling water for five minutes.


2) Measures to reduce nausea:

- Avoid being hungry. Eat small amounts but more often during the day. Have snacks between your meals. - Morning nausea may be improved by snacking on a cracker before getting out of bed.

- Avoid nausea triggers. Eg. If a smell of hot food makes you ill try having cold food instead.

- Avoid fatty, and spicy foods.

- Avoid caffeine drinks. Ie. coffee and cola.

- Get plenty of rest.


3) Foods that help to settle nausea:

- Toast with jam

- Low fat soups

- Yoghurt

- Boiled rice

- Mashed potato

- Eggs boiled and scrambled.


What’s available over-the-counter for my morning sickness?

You may want to try the following supplements in addition to your dietary and lifestyle measures:

Pyroxin® 25mg tablets : (Pyridoxine/Vitamin B6): 25-50mg up to 4 times a day.

Pyroxin 25mg tablets

Elevit Morning Sick Relief tablets: Vitamin B6 and Ginger. 

Elevit Morning Sickness relief

I have tried all the treatments at home with no results, what do I do?

If nausea and vomiting persists after taking all of the conservative measures, the next step is to discuss further options with your obstetrician and/ midwife. Depending on the severity of your nausea and vomiting, the doctor may prescribe anti-nausea medicine. These include:

- Metoclopramide (Maxolon®)

- Ondansetron (Zofran®)

Hyperemesis Gravidarum – what is it?

Hypermesis Gravidarum is severe nausea with a continuous vomiting that may lead to the loss of weight and dehydration, putting the health of the baby and the mother at risk. This form of morning sickness is rare and may require admission to the hospital, where anti-nausea medicine, fluids and nutrients may be given via a drip.

Fact: Kate Middleton suffered from Hyperemesis gravidarum in both of her pregnancies.

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Have you suffered from morning sickness during your pregnancies? What measures did you find most useful?


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