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Fertility Pharmacy is an essential online guide on conception, pregnancy, post-natal health and baby.

My name is Julie Kadina (B Pharm), I am a pharmacist with a special interest in fertility and womens’ reproductive health. I will research the minefield of data out there covering various topics and present it to you in bite-size advice based on the current guidelines, practices and recommendations in Australia.

In order to bring you the latest from the field of Fertility, Pregnancy and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), I have two of Australia’s leading experts on the review board: Dr.Alex Polyakov and Dr.Elena Mirmilstein.

The ‘Contact’ section provides an opportunity to ask any of the experts a specific question or request to cover a particular topic in a blog post.

Lastly, Fertility Pharmacy is not only informative, but most importantly it is a source you can trust.

The board of experts:

Dr. Alex Polyakov
MReproMed, GradCertEBM

Dr.Elena Mirmilstein
Diploma AAAM
Dr Alex Polyakov
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